What we look for

Here an overview with picture topics, for which we particularly look (if possible with model release):


1. People in action
This should above all be natural, e.g. cooking, shopping, eating, being lazy, exercising, pursuing their hobbies. Most important:  with model release only.


2. Kids & Teens
Likewise natural, even daring and wild, e.g. making faces, fooling around, watching television, painting, talking on the phone, at home, outdoors, where ever.


3. Education
Pupils, teachers, students, at school, at university, doing homework, at the pc, at home.


4. Relationships & Love
Couples embracing, kissing, holding hands, daily love-life.


5. Sport
Trend sports, e.g. skateboarding, inline skating, surfing, kiting. Leisure sports & Asian sports, work-outs at home.
Not only the super sportsman or the mega athlete, but also average people in action.


6. Health
e.g. Doctors visits, skin complaints, hospitals. Likewise natural and without blue back-drops. Obese children, temperatures being measured. Diet food.


7. Holiday and Vacation
City views, particularly from Switzerland (Berne, Basel, Geneva and especially Zurich). Beautiful landscapes, typical vacation areas.


8. Unique Persons
…again and again gladly… preferably with model release.


9. Professional contemporary portraits
Children, teenagers, seniors, couples, relationships, anyone!