Warranty and Service

No offence, we like doing it!

Money back
We make mistakes too. If our images crack, as promised you will obviously get your money back and receive active support with regard to an adequate replacement.

In order to conquer the hearts of the most creative people, Sodapix offers the SodaStyle brand. Realistic photographs, brave shots, pimply teenagers or «real» people. Do not expect any objective, boring collection of images. SodaStyle is wholly subjective, irrational and personal. SodaStyle is everything you don't find in other agencies. Look reality in the eye!

Online licencing
You know the problem – it involves looking for the image, making telephone calls, clarifying matters, maybe even licencing and, waiting. Not with Sodapix. With the Sodapix RM tool you can licence your image for a specific purpose. And if you would still nevertheless like to hear our friendly voices, you can always call us.

Rights clarified
We have some surprises in store for you at Sodapix, but all of them are nice. Our rights have been clarified. Beside each photograph you can see whether model or property releases are available, which licences are available and if an image can be used for unlimited or merely for editorial purposes. And if you are not sure then call us, we'll help you with your problems.

That's all folks!
You will certainly find photographs for a dollar at other agencies... We cannot help you in that respect. However, if you require good photographs, regardless if they are RM or RF that you can licence online and whose rights have been clarified, then you have come to the right place. And if you want to save a couple more euros or francs, you like pictures which could cost you as little as €50.00, and want personal and friendly service, then you should register with us. In addition, you will find more than 150,000 images in one of the speediest databases on the market, where you can send, move and insert light boxes, place image-related questions, provide feedback, search main subjects, add prices, calculate the price of and licence RM images, retrieve your bills, download purchased images again at any time, and so on... We're sorry – that's all we have to offer!