RF and RM

We can explain it all to you.

Royalty-free (RF) means licence-free, which in turn means you can use royalty-free images as you please. The fee for use of a particular image depends on the size of the image.

When licence-free (royalty-free (RF)) images are being used, the image chosen can, following payment of a one-off user fee, be used for an unlimited amount of time in any place for different projects and purposes. However, the purchased RF image data may not be used to create an image database of your own, and the selling on or passing on of the photographic material to third parties is prohibited.

Rights-managed (RM) images, also called rights-protected images, are images requiring a licence. The user fee for each image depends on the different usage criteria and can be calculated using our price calculator.

Where rights-managed (RM) images requiring a licence are concerned, the client defines specific usage criteria, such as the purpose, country of origin, number printed and resolution of the image chosen. The prices of the RM images are calculated based on usage criteria. Once the user fee has been paid, Sodapix issues the licence for use of the image. The rights thus acquired usually apply to one-off use during a period of time chosen by the client. Multiple use for several purposes leads to an additional price being charged for each additional purpose. Exclusive rights can also be purchased.