Below you will find a brief overview of the most important requirements.

  • only pictures from (DLR) digital reflex cameras (no compact cameras)
  • shot in RAW/TIFF, transmission as JPG-data without compression
  • Camera resolution: 10 mega pixels or higher
  • Resolution: 300dpi
  • Colour profile: Adobe-RGB-1998
  • Scans from slides or negatives (no scans from prints)
  • Images must be free of any third rights
  • Images with recognizable people, brands, buildings and places must be fully released

Image editing / quality

Most of the images require light retouching. Dust and scratches must be removed. Take pictures in as low an ISO setting as possible. Check the RAW file has a correct exposure. Color cast, and any other adjustments should be made in this phase. Save the file as jpg. Interpolation, over-sharpening and supersaturation is not allowed.

Images that do not meet these requirements cannot be accepted.