What we offer

You have wonderful photographs, we have a wonderful platform

The internet is developing into the most successful medium for the sale of image rights. Due to its presence online and on web shops, the photography market is no longer limited by geographical borders.

With its user-friendly navigation and efficient search engine, the Sodapix online image archive offers an ideal sales portal for your photographic material. We are striving for global cooperation with partner agencies and will strategically promote the marketing of your photographs. In this respect, Sodapix will take on all the costs of maintaining and marketing your images. This means that you only take care of the essential aspect: taking the photographs!

You will receive a 50% share in the sale of your photographs. This is the generally accepted market rate. Payments will be made on a quarterly basis to the account specified by you.

Sodapix settles accounts at the end of March, June, September and December; payment occurs at the latest 10 days thereafter. Your personal account shows your current credit balance as well as all payments made up to this point.