The Agency

We can be matter of fact too... What you need to know about us.

Sodapix was born in 2005. The parents of this charming child are it's five founding fathers: Philipp Ludwig, Marjan Anastasovski, Bence Szerdahelyi, Oliver Schwartz and Robin Simon.

Sodapix is a typical photography agency, however one that does exceptional work. What is typical about us is that we are the link between the photographer and the client. What is exceptional about us is our uniform approach, which enables the client to organise the whole purchasing process online, including the licensing of image data. Another exceptional feature of our agency is the fact that our search requests are much more accurate than those you are used to from other agencies and our visual language and our photographers' portal are outstanding.

Our team is also exceptional. Due to our huge range of knowledge, skills and abilities, we are the ideal contacts not just for our clients, but also for our photographers. We are photographers, designers, economists, architects and computer scientists.

We are now represented in two locations -- our creative team work in Zurich and manage the business and we have a sales team in the USA.

Sodapix works on a global basis together with partners and is represented by Corbis, Tips Images, Intertopics, Ullstein Bild, Wildcard Images and many more. And yes, it's just what you feared, we're not finished by any means! New ideas are being born and implemented on a daily basis. Our goal is clear -- we want ourselves, our photographers and our clients to become rich, arrogant and fat!

Your Sodapix Team